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About Us

Harmony International is a distinguished organization specializing in delivering bespoke Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our comprehensive expertise encompasses a wide array of sectors, including Aviation, Automotive, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Electronics, Electrical, HVAC, Injection Moulding, Sourcing, Leather Garment Export, and more.


Harmony International excels in formulating targeted sourcing strategies that drive cost savings, optimize inventory, and boost profits. Renowned for our expertise in Injection Moulding, Sourcing, and Leather Garment Export, we stand as the top choice for businesses seeking strategic sourcing excellence, fostering growth and efficiency for our valued partners.


Harmony International is a leader in global sourcing and supply chain management, cultivating lasting partnerships for significant revenue expansion. With a consultative edge, we go beyond standard solutions. Combining precision in Injection Moulding, Sourcing, and Leather Garment Export, we deliver unmatched expertise and tailored strategies in the ever-evolving world of sourcing.


Harmony International champions precision and client focus. We specialize in sourcing strategies that ensure cost efficiency and long-term partnerships. As leaders in Injection Moulding, Sourcing, and Leather Garment Export, we're dedicated to both immediate benefits and lasting business growth.

Loved & trusted. By an ever-expanding team.

Welcome to the distinguished leadership of Mr. H K Raghavendra, an exemplary trailblazer who takes the helm with foresight and determination. His visionary outlook, strategic prowess, and outstanding leadership skills have positioned Team Harmony as an industry trailblazer, setting unparalleled benchmarks in the spheres of global sourcing and supply chain management. Beyond spearheading this venture, Mr. H K Raghavendra actively engages in pivotal sectors such as the packaging industry and sheet metal industry, construction, and industrial packaging, further showcasing his multifaceted business acumen.

In the domain of finance and accounting, we are privileged to have Mrs. B.N Poornima, a seasoned professional whose wealth of experience plays a pivotal role in guiding the team through financial intricacies and significantly contributing to substantial increases in enterprise revenue. Ms. Poornima’s expertise ensures a robust financial foundation, empowering Harmony to navigate the dynamic business landscape with precision.

Adding depth to our leadership cadre is tram if engineers, an accomplished engineer with exceptional management skills and profound expertise in the strategic sourcing and global procurement sphere. His technical acuity and strategic mindset are instrumental in shaping Harmony’s approach to sourcing, ensuring excellence across the entire spectrum of global procurement practices.

At Harmony International, our paramount commitment is to furnish our esteemed clientele with a comprehensive array of strategic sourcing and supply chain management initiatives, underpinned by cutting-edge technology, pivotal marketplace data, and invaluable procurement expertise. Our unwavering focus is to empower clients by substantially lowering input costs, liberating them from the intricate challenges associated with supply logistics, procurement, vendor identification, and inventory management.

Our dedicated team of professionals, experts in Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Information Technology, collaborates seamlessly to address critical areas of concern. With a distinctive emphasis on three key categories—Injection Moulding, Sourcing, and Leather Garment Export—Harmony International aims to deliver unparalleled solutions.

Key Initiatives Include:

Strategic Sourcing:
  • Procure at the most competitive prices
  • Source international-quality components
  • Expedite procurement processes
Supply Chain Management:
  • Effectively manage and reduce inventory levels
  • Streamline and enhance logistical support